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4HP22   Hydraulic (For more info)
4HP22   Electronic (For more info)
4HP24 1988- Electronic (For more info)
5HP18 1993-1995   530IA (For more info)
5HP19 1998-  3 Series, 5 Series (For more info)
5HP24 1996- 5 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series V8 (For more info)
5HP30 1993- 540, 740, 850 (For more info)
6HP26 2002 7 Series
2004 5 Series


Cylinder Heads

M20   SOHC 325e, 528e  4 or 5 Journal Cam
M50 1991- DOHC 6 cyl.
M52 1997- DOHC 6cyl.
M60/62   DOHC V8 5 Series, 7 Series
M54 2000- DOHC 6 cyl.
S50 1995 DOHC 6 cyl. M3
S52 1996 DOHC 6 cyl. M3

Other BMW Please Call

All automatic transmissions are dyno tested prior to shipment.  Repair service for customer's transmissions is also available, call for estimates.  We can also repair other automatic transmissions such as Mercedes Benz and ZF units not listed.

Cylinder Head Repair Service
Aluminum head welding, straightening and reconditioning is a specialty at Eriksson Industries.  We can R & R your head within a few days in most cases.  We are experienced with all types of aluminum heads including Japanese, European, as well as domestic.  Cast Iron weld repair is also available.

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